Dental advices for everyone

The proper toothbrushing

Inspite of that toothbrushing is one of the first activities what we’ve learned in our early childhood, we still have many problems with oral hygene. There are several survies what show to us; we are aware of all importancy of thoothbrushing but we still have mistakes with it. Dental Care - It is almost certain that you doing it wrong!

Missing teeth - Not at all!

We are using our teeth to chew the food. This is an obvious statement, but most of the people just turn to the dentist when they lose a front teeth and it is visible. This phenomenon shows to us; people are focuse on the aesthatics, even if the practical functions are more important. 


I know how uncomfortable is the feeling of that our teeth aren’t perfect. Missing teeth or unstable denture can totally ruin our confidence, comfort and it can makes negative effects on the quality of our life untill that we decided next to the correction.